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Technology for contract management and conflict prevention.



Conciliation matters

Every contract documents an agreement establishing rights and obligations for two or more parties with a common interest. Small issues may arise during the execution of the contract leading to conflicts, which in turn, when not solved timely, may escalate into dispute or even litigation.

Such small issues are often inconspicuous to the upper management. They generally only emerge when the dispute has already escalated presenting a risk to the project or, even worse, to the organization.

stopping domino effect

Actions in time

Dispute takes time, very long time, to settle. From a business perspective, dispute means more than just the direct costs of arbitration or litigation: There are multiple related intangible losses such as damages to reputation, loss of future sales, or even threats to business continuity.

Compas was designed to present relevant information and, therefore, to bring awareness of contract execution in real-time, making it possible for the executive team to take timely actions to keep the contract on its rails.

D-PER Technology

A heuristic algorithm based on best practices and accumulated experiences over the years.


graph algorithm

Dispute prevention by conflict early resolution

We developed an algorithm, the D-PER – Dispute Prevention by Early Resolution, that, by a deep analysis of contract’s execution dynamics and event fulfillment, early detects tendencies to emerge a conflict between the parties and acts on its prevention.

This exclusive technology allows us to offer a unique tool that, by preventing financial losses to companies, increases project profitability.

Using the power of cloud computing, our solution will be offered at a flat and low price. Register to be informed of Compas official launch.

Key Features

Calendars, events, notifications — we have it all. Plus some smart tricks that until now every contract or project manager, as well as the legal department, could only dream having!

Key Features

Portfolio Visibility

When you have hundreds or thousands of contracts under your responsibility, it is very hard to quickly identify where the emerging issues are. Our executive summary view provides an eagle-eye vision, so you'll never miss a thing.

Contract Navigation and Zoom

Whenever you're under pressure, it's very hard to find that specific clause or statement in the contract. Our system drives you quickly to what you're looking for.

Pin-point issues

In a hurry? Our interface allows you to drill-down quickly to the relevant information or issue at hand.

Execution Evidences

The contract is never the source of trouble — its execution is. Our system collects, stores and tracks records and evidence of every step on contract execution. No milestone and no obligation is left behind. Compliance requirements? Don't worry anymore.

Powerful Tools

Our system provides several applications and tools to avoid and prevent conflicts, including smart notifications and conciliation strategies.

Dispute Prevention

A dispute never emerges overnight. Our system is designed from the ground up to minimize risks of contractual dispute or litigation.

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