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Dispute prevention in contracts

Contracts executed without problems: a real dream for every business leader.


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Contract Management for Projects

We develop proprietary technology and offer exclusive services to prevent, deal and mediate conflicts which inevitably emerge along project execution.

Our Compas system, not publicly available yet, will offer all our contract and project expertise for a flat affordable fee.

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Disputes are expensive, very expensive...

Project dynamics create tensions and conflicts naturally, disputes are established by attitude.


time is running

How much does a litigation cost for your project?

A litigation (or dispute) costs much more than lawyers and legal fees. There are intangible costs – like additional project execution time, business loss and reputation damages – which total value will be estimated only after the last sentence, typically some years after the conflict has begun.

Our technology and services are focused to mitigate these intangible costs, for which there are no adequate financial protection mechanisms.

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Clear targets and coordinated actions

Project targets shall be comprehended and focused all the time, by all parties.


Reality, harmony and timing

To execute a project is like play a symphony or a ballet act: its fluence and splendor are evident when all actors play their roles in harmony. It takes just one actor out of sync to compromise the whole play.

And, just like a symphony, small accidents and issues always happen naturally along the execution. Parts need to correctly “read” the situation, accept reality and mutually understand each other to surpass these conflicts. The faster the detection and coordinated solution, the smaller will be the impact for the play and less perceptible for the spectators.

We use proved methods to keep projects and contracts on their rails, such as mechanisms for mutual and unified understanding of the obligations, tools to detect latent and growing conflicts, and conciliation of interests.

D-PER Technology

A heuristic algorithm based on best practices and accumulated experiences over the years.


graph algorithm

Dispute prevention by conflict early resolution

We developed an algorithm, the D-PER – Dispute Prevention by Early Resolution, that, by a deep analysis of contract’s execution dynamics and event fulfillment, early detects tendencies to emerge a conflict between the parties and acts on its prevention.

This exclusive technology allows us to offer a unique tool that, by preventing financial losses to companies, increases project profitability.

Using the power of cloud computing, our solution is offered at a flat and low price. Learn more about Compas – our Contract Management System.

Coaching and mediation

Because even with good methodology, planning and processes, things not always work like we want.


working together

The art of smoothing the unpredictable

Even counting with the benefits of D-PER technology, we recognize that in some situations and contexts a personal intervention is necessary. For those cases, we offer our accumulated experience in complex projects:

  • Consultancy services for performance diagnostic, structuring and enhancement of divisions or project offices
  • Training on best project and contract management practices
  • Planning and mediation of projects and contracts Kick-off Meetings
  • Project conflict mediation

We can make your projects easier to handle. Let’s talk?

Founders Team

Experience led us here. To make projects flow smoothly and painless move us ahead.


Alexandre Steinberg


Alexandre Steinberg has worked in the field of Project and Contract Management since 1991. He has a strong technology background in fields such as Formula 1, Internet, Financial and Military systems. Mr. Steinberg holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA, and has successfully founded several tech companies and operations since 1992. He loves sports, music, and is always ready for a good coffee!

Alexandre Mitzkun

Executive VP

Alexandre Mitzkun has over 30 years of experience in the field of Contract and Project Management. With a strong leadership background in the Construction, Energy, and Telecom industries, Mr. Mitzkun holds a BS in Engineering, an MBA, a PMP, and is currently undergraduate in Law.

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