The contract as your supporter

Every contract may be on your side. It’s a matter of adequate project management.


Projects under perspective of contracts and contracts under perspective of business

Projects, as unique endeavors, raise challenges and specifics that not always can be fully expressed or translated into a contract. However, it is the contract the instrument that establish and regulate obligations and rights between the parties, being, therefore, the document where minimum requirements are defined.

There is plenty of material and lots of studies, methods and systems to deal with project management and contract management independently, as if they were distinct disciplines.

Organization areas involved with the projects use to see a contract in different ways. Higher management and legal areas use to consider a contract as a safety and compliance mechanism; commercial area understand it as a hurdle to close a business; and engineering see it as a not always useful to-do list, created by someone who doesn’t know how to build practical solutions.

We understand that, more than feasible, it is desirable that the contract and the related activities be correctly understood, visible and auditable by everyone involved, in a way to avoid surprises and, even when the reality conflicts with the expectations, actions to minimize consequences to contractor and contracted may be defined.

We unified concepts, methods and procedures from contract and project management to offer exclusive services and, using our proprietary technology, a system simple and affordable to manager contracts in projects – meet Compas.